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After a short hiatus I’m back on the blog grind. Let’s kick things back off right with a guest podcast mix from Boston’s own Jay K. If you’ve been in the game out here for more than four seconds you may already know this guy, and if not, you’ve definitely heard of his parties.

As co-founder of Rabbit RevolutionJay’s had his hand on everything from weekly jams at Rise (RIP), to full-scale one offs with hyper-elaborate themes and small-scale get-togethers at humble establishments like ZuZu. With an understanding of  what makes people groove at parties he naturally picked up DJ’ing along the way. To my knowledge he doesn’t do studio mixes often so I figure we’d pop that cherry here on Zakim.

Jay’s not a guy to restrict himself to one lone style of music but here he focuses strictly on the sound of rave. In this one-hour session he burns through a ton of tracks that sound like they’re pulled right out of 1990. Only most of ’em are brand new! But either way you’ll hear a lot of things that made those older tracks so much fun…breakbeats on top of 4×4 templates, pianos, unconventional track structures and perfectly imperfect production standards.

I rarely hear this type of stuff played at parties these days but at least there’s this mix to hold us over. Rave is dad…cough…dead! Long live rave!

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