FEATURED MUSIC: Cirrus-Moment/Punishment EP


Seattle-based label Onset Audio has helped curate a hotbed of drum and bass talent over the past eight years both locally as well as throughout the lower 48. Following the footsteps of Psidream, Homemade Weapons, Demo and a number of other dnb veterans comes Zakim alumni Cirrus. Heralded for his consistency, the “Moment/Punishment” EP showcases Cirrus’s signature melodic yet minimal aesthetic across these tracks. “Moment” juggles a variety of breaks and drum fills on top of a sustained melody, while “Punishment” divides by two into halftime, leaving the bassline plenty of bandwidth to do its thing in the midrange.

You can grab both of these right now on Bandcamp, preview below and follow Onset Audio and Cirrus on Soundcloud.

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