Release number two on Zakim was courtesy of Cirrus. Not to be confused with the artist with the same name who released on Moonshine around the turn of the century, Cirrus piqued my interest as a sound designer very early on, constantly hitting me with demos after seeing each other out at drum and bass parties around the city.

Cirrus has a knack for working with textures and atmospherics; he creates space where needed and his music works both on the dancefloor as well as under headphones. “Looking Away” and “The New Path” both captured his aesthetic well.

Even though he has improved as a producer over the years, both of these tracks still hold up very well.

FUN FACT: I pressed this as a single-sided release thinking I’d save money; it turned out pressing one side is almost the same cost as two once shipping/taxes/artwork and other overhead costs were factored in. So for our vinyl releases it’s double or nothing from now on!

A1: Cirrus: Looking Away
A2: Cirrus: The New Path
Bonus Track: Cirrus: Orbit

There’s still a few of these left at reduced cost on Bandcamp if interested in the vinyl.

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