Anyone who has regularly spoken with me in recent years about local music knows John Barera was my favorite house producer from Boston. Boasting a classically trained background with a workflow discipline most producers would kill for, Barera quickly became an in-demand artist and DJ around town several years back.

Barera’s biggest strength is his ability to collab, and in his first EP he submitted to Zakim he upped the ante by bringing Ali Berger and Baltimoroder into the mix. While all three shined in their own right; they really created some magic working together here, churning out some well-rounded sounds that still get placement in my DJ sets to this day.

“Basava”, “Science & Mathematics” and “Crushing Cans” appeared on the vinyl and there are still a VERY limited number of copies left on the Bandcamp page — pretty sure there’s less than 10!

FUN FACT: John originally sent me eight tracks for this EP. Three are on the vinyl, one was a freebie that complimented it, two were released for free on the Together 2014 compilation, and the other two remain unreleased.

A: John Barera & Baltimoroder: Basava
AA1: John Barera & Ali Berger: Science & Mathematics
AA2: John Barera & Ali Berger: Crushing Cans
Bonus Track: John Barera & Baltimoroder: Ventilator

You can stream all these tracks below as well as grab “Ventilator”, which is a free download.

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