First release on Zakim. At the time, Doctor Jeep was on the up-and-up, finishing up his degree at Northeastern while steadily building on his production chops in the studio. At that point he already had quite a buzz locally, releasing on a number of Boston-based imprints and gigging regularly around the city. But once moving to Brooklyn, Jeep was about to take things to an entirely different level.

Now a well-known artist thanks to releases on Trouble & Bass, Tumble Audio, Tuba as well as regular features on Rinse FM and Red Bull Music Academy, it was great to have Jeep on board for Zakim’s inaugural release during his fledgling days.

“If U Want It” was released on vinyl in early summer 2013 and sold out quickly. One of the tracks, “Together” is available as a free download on Soundcloud.

FUN FACT: “DRJ” was a brief aliases Doctor Jeep used to showcase his house work. To my knowledge it hasn’t been revisited since this 12″. However, Jeep is well-regarded for his ability to jump seamlessly between different styles in his music.

A: DRJ: If U Want It
AA1: DRJ: If U Want It (Doctor Jeep Version)
AA2: Doctor Jeep: Together

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