Thanks for stopping by! As you may know, Zakim is a small boutique label I’ve been spearheading for the past several years now. Based out of Boston and around our iconic bridge, I initially wanted to use Zakim as a launchpad to release and publish underground music from local artists whose work I was feeling.

The biggest issue I’ve faced over the past few years is Zakim’s lack of online presence. With most of my online efforts devoted to Beantown Boogiedown, it became very difficult to promote both brands within my limited amount of free time.

While Beantown Boogiedown got tons of support in the community, it has run its course. Traffic declined more than 90% in 2014, from over 1,000 unique visitors per day to less than 100. I was running it using a very old version of Squarespace that was not even remotely Web 2.0-friendly. It was not only impossible to upgrade because of how much content was on there, but in recent months it became infected with malware that I didn’t want to break the bank to try and fix. And last but not least, the name kind of sucked too.

So I’d like to start things fresh, by building a new blog based around the label as well as the artists represented on it. However Zakim is not going to be limited in scope to just those who are signed; it’s also going to showcase local music and DJ mixes just like the way Beantown Boogiedown did. Think of it as me continuing that blog, just with a different URL.

My goal for 2017 is to not only release 2 or 3 vinyl singles, but also 5 digital singles as well, with each release being exclusive to the medium it comes out on. I also plan on experimenting with growing platforms such as Spotify and YouTube streaming, and launching a promo channel. Finally, I am going to continue featuring music both locally and abroad, and plan on doing this by formalizing the submission process via SubmitHub.

I’m very excited for what the future holds in underground music. Hit me up if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!






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