Recorded this one for the good peeps over at New England Junglists back in late 2016. On occasion I load up on early proto-jungle and breakbeat hardcore records but it’s unfortunately tough to find an outlet to play this type of stuff around New England. It’s awesome music though, incredibly raw and un-formulaic. The first 2/3rds are on the 4/4 tip, then the amen break rises to prominence towards the end.

Masters at Work: M.A.D.D. RIOT
Ray Keith: Tapes EP (A)
Strategy: Money Go Round
Doc Scott: Surgery
Bass Construction: Too Sexy to Dance
Tone Def: Hectic House
Noise Factory: Recession Time
Sudden Def: I Got Whatcha Want
House Crew: We Are Hardcore
D Major: One Step
Dr S. Gachet & Funky Junky: Logan’s Run
Force Mass Motion: Jack of Diamonds
Smith Inc: Palomino
Electronic Experienced: 303
China White: Keep Generate
Delay: Broken Heart
Elevation: Another Time
Dillinja: From Beyond
Dillinja: Majestic B-Line EP (A1)
Nicky Blackmarket & Formula 7: Spiritual Feelings
Formula 7: Jodi’s Theme
Johnny Jungle: Johnny (Pascal Remix)
Da Maytrix: Let Me Know
Northern Connexion: Rethink
Dread Bass: Baby Tears
TIC: Rockers
L Double: What Am I Gonna Do?

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