Hometown III: Best of Boston 2016


This was already released before the holidays, but adding it here in case you missed it. Just a DJ mix I made showcasing some of my favorite local tracks that came out this past year. Similar tradition to the ones I did back in 2014 and 2015.

Insha: Everyman (Intro) // @in_sh_a
GMGN: In the Groove // @GMGN
Camino 84: Methods of Flotation // @Camino84
Saucy Lady: Magic Dust (Yuki’s Mix) // @djsaucylady
Dusty Digital: Deeper Than My Deepest Blue // @dustydigital
Rufus Gibson: Gruv it to the Flo // @rufusgibson
Jack Novin: Sunshine // @jack-novin
Smeed & Suspence: Drive // @smeed-suspence
Will Monotone & Blythe: 8OH8 // @will_monotone
Adam Noya: Gravity // @adam-noya
Twism & B3RAO: Funk Soul Brother // @b3rao
Nick Minieri: The Charm // @nickminieri
Deezy & Embee: So Far // @deezy-embee
Adam Gibbons & Leo Alarcon: Afrikan Swing // @djadamgibbons @leoalarcon
Darko: Ill Jazz // @beatsbydarko
Hot Pot: Watercress // @hot_pot
Flylosophy: Basement Thing // @flylosophy
Micetro: That Fire // @micetro
Yukihiro Kanesaka & Kelvin Sylvester: Soul Rhythm // @kelvin-sylvester
Fuzzy Fotch: Callaloo // @fuzzyfotch
Tone Ra x Wilder Hobson: Undertow // @tone-ra
Brrio: Don’t Fall In the Pond // @brrio
Undrig: Artaud Double Master // @undrig
Saltus: Drone // @saltusmusic
American Dave: I Wanna Go Now // @americandave
Lightfoot: Garden // @light-foot
Insha: Reason
Moduloktopus: Formless // @modulok
Saltus: Shades of Truth
Zebbler Encanti Experience & Ganavya: Inner G // @zebblerencantiexperience
Beardthug: Back to Bassix // @beardthug
L’Homie: Eternal // @lhomiebeats

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