“Clutch Shift Gas Go!” is bar none the most ambitious mix I ever tried to record, and probably ever will record. I just wanted to do something that opened with house and ended with drum and bass, in the timespan a CD-R would allow. I remember practicing the hell out of this mix and getting it so tight I practically had the cues commited to memory. It was a bit over the top as far as pre-planning goes, but going from 130-180 bpm in 80 minutes on entirely vinyl is a pretty cool thing to look back on in retrospect.

Monsta’s cover art was pretty badass too. This was a mix CD I was very excited to hand out to people at raves and parties around Boston in 2008.

scotty b & king tut: bucky done gun remix
trevor rockliffe: get busy
tjr: old school
krazy b: hand clap
davide squillace: miss giggler (darko esser remix)
busta rhymes: touch it (acapella)
jb3: sound sweet
enur & natasja: calabria 2007
trevor rockliffe: visions of you
misjah: spoonerism
greg gow: no hockey (preach & marco g remix)
aaron lacarte & samir: sirens
jon skipper trax: chip cat
fast eddie: big ol bootie
dave angel: pound for pound
claude von stroke: who’s afraid of detroit (kevin saunderson remix)
martyn: shadowcasting
three 6 mafia: still fly (acapella)
ludacris: fatty girl (acapella)
2562: channel one
aquasky, masterblaster & the ragga twins: coffee
wookie: unstable
culture shock: asteroids
some random breaks promo
mako shark: bully boys
baobinga & id: buss dis
enzyme & malice: in the groove
darkus: stray missile
jack smooth: plight of the innovator
origin unknown: the touch
cold: delay
electronic experienced: more iq
underground software: she’s really gone (tom & jerry remix)
keen: vol. 2 a-side
mental power: red
capone: massive
sonic & silver: boogie nights
break: not enough
transit: blowback
t snake & d wolf (the upbeats): mole station
everything but the girl: blame (j majik remix)
ewun: screw up
spor: molehill
lil jon, e-40 & sean paul: snap yo fingaz (acapella)
subfocus: druggy
lenzman & switch: no more tears
chase & status: hurt you

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