Drum and bass mix simply titled by the date I recorded it. Similar to other mixes I recorded around that time, I think I only burned it to CD to hand out to gigs I was playing at the time as incentive to get people to come out. Some good tunes in here either way.

deep inc: grand piano
red eyes: leaving this planet
mutt: crazy
do the math: the late late show
bulletproof: collide
influx datum: back for more
total science: zanzibar (beta 2 & zero tolerance remix)
logistics: millionaire
marcus intalex & st files: nightfall
high contrast: savoire faire
stranjah: you got me
mindscape: combine
task horizon: guardian angel
icr: wide awake
kubiks & lomax: wise words
mutt & perpetuum: november
survival: caught on me
john b: take control

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