This one only had a date for the title and was one I most likely handed out on CD at some gig I played, never seeing the light of day digitally until I started blogging years later. At the time my taste in drum and bass were maturing beyond what the latest sounds were, so for the first time I was likely just as excited to toss an obscure long-discontinued release from the 90s into the mix as I was the latest white label promo.

Equinox: From Above
J Majik: Repertoire
Deep Blue: Helicopter ‘97
Lemon D: Rockers II Rockers
Lemon D: Going Gets Tough
Ed Rush & Optical: Zardoz
DOPE: Traveling Pt. 2
Hak: Pacifica
Nucleus & Paradox: Aragon
Seba: Don’t Wanna Lose You
Polska: Burning Sun
Gremlinz: Space Rap
Breakage: Comatose
Aquarius 26-1: Deja Vu
Higher Sense: Cold Fresh Air
Equinox: Love Fantasy
Spinback & Q-Project: Pleasure Principle

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