The name of the mix was corny as fuck, but at least “Using the Fours” had some solid UK Garage I was feeling at the time, particulary in the 4×4 category. I was honestly really influenced by G Notorious and Jam-2 when I first moved to Boston, and through the tracks they would play in mixes I’d discover my own by drilling down through Discogs and buying records back in the mid 2000s.

This was a short mix but has a selection I wouldn’t at all be ashamed to play over a decade later.

Groove Chronicles- Shattered
Artifact- Many Times
Duncan Powell- Brake
DND- Pick it Up (Qualifide Mix)
El-Tuff- Deep Deep Love II
DIY- Groove Dub
Riddler Dubs Vol. 1- B2
Mr. Marz- Deeper Darker
$ki- Mr. Hands
Dom Perignonn & Dynamite- Got Myself_Together
Blackstar- African Beats
$ki- I Need You ‘98
Grooves in Motion- Electric Runnings
Roy Davis Jr- Lost Tapes (Qualifide remix)
Club Asylum- Back In The Day
Duncan Powell- Never Say Never remix
Ruff Driverz- Don’t Stop remix

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