Over the course of 2006 I pressed up well over 1,000 copies of “8 Miles High” to hand out at raves around New England, tossing it around as if it was my business card. It was hands down my most popular mix from the ‘oughts and thinking about it now almost makes me miss this era before social media where you actually had to go out and talk to people in order to promote yourself.

Honestly it’s a little too dark and fast for my tastes nowadays but still a good listen for a pick-me-up. Back then I was heavily influenced by guys like Hype, Odi and Freaky Flow who seamlessly blended rap into drum and bass, and I sought to replicate their vibe the best I could. Shame my scratching was nowhere their level tho.

Fun fact: This mix’s intro was the very first time I used Ableton. Version 2.0 Mac OS 9 no MIDI baby.

8 miles high intro
black moon: f@#k it up!!
random movement: morning glory
dr. dre and ll cool j: zoom (acapella)
calibre and fats: neighborhood
zinc: south pacific
digable planets: rebirth of slick
noisia: façade
silent witness: triple seed (part 1)
optiv and ryme tyme: manifest
vicious circle: doom train (optiv remix)
juju, hive and echo: penthouse
high and mighty: b-boy document ‘99 (acapella)
clipse and pharell: blaze of glory
people under the stairs: yield
hochi, infiltrata and mental sharp: hit em hard
tommy boy (tc): back up!
chase and status: come back (feat. top cat)
zinc: steppin’ stones
raiden: chav
trace and tactile: in my brain
ill logic and raf: forever
cartridge: x minus one
baron: at the drive in
arqer: ago-go
alix perez and specific: love bug
drumajik: ragga soul
tactile: sunreal
chris su and skc: blackout
equinox: unity
breakage: 4me
silent witness: triple seed (part 2)
ewun: gun talk
wu-tang clan: cream (instrumental)
cruel intentionz: divergence
nucleus and paradox: breakdown
hive, gridlok and keaton: california schemin’
gremlinz: gateway
concord dawn: say your words
a-sides: inspirations

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