I recall this mix as being the first one I handed out lots of copies of on CD at parties around Boston. I hadn’t been living in New England for very long and knew literally no one, so I’d hand it out to anyone who would give me the time of day at a party just to make connections (not just the promoters!) In this mix I definitely recall tailoring the selection specifically to the style of drum and bass they would play at Elements, because of course I wanted to play there. A few months later, mission accomplished.

tactile- aldabra
dj lee & d.kay- new day rising
visionary- after hours
kemal & bse- stranded v1.0
pacific- crippled
mr. l- back to your roots (tease)
phace- polymers
optiv- boudicca
calibre- bluetop
break- positive negative (tease)
silent witness- amazon
amit- second cut
nasty habits- liquid beats (tease)
kd- can’t u see?
sub focus- bluenote
marky & xrs- striptease
d.kay- in my soul
breakage- fall
x-plorer & dee’pulse- sahara
d-bridge- china blue
influx uk & fats- souls unite
a-sides & calibre- people of tomorrow
craggz & parallel forces- 100 percent poison

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