Back in the day I was a casual poster on Dogs on Acid and there was a thread where DJ’s on the forum were posting techstep mixes showcasing rare and obscure records. At the time I was trying to track down little known tunes, including discarded dubplates by big-name drum and bass DJ’s from the UK with unreleased tracks on them. I had enough interesting stuff to put together a mix so I did just that, balancing it equally between tracks almost nobody has and seminal classics. To this day I still can’t believe the Fresh & Vegas track at the very end never came out…it’s amazing!

Lemon D- Break It Up [reinforced]
Future Forces- Acid x2 [music house acetate]
Ed Rush- Density [metalheadz]
Future Cut- ?? [music house acetate]
Ono Sendai- Synopsis [precision breakbeat research]
Genotype- Monochrome [music house acetate]
Pascal & Phantasy- Terradaktil (Future Forces remix) [frontline]
Boymerang- Urban Space [prototype]
Kabuki- Straylight [precision breakbeat research]
Nico & Ruckus- Defender II [no u-turn]
Decoder- Dead Calm [tech itch]
Baron- Deftone [commercial suicide]
Jonny L- Intasound [xl recordings]
Konflict- The Beckoning [music house acetate]
UFO!- My Personal Blackmail (Konflict remix) [skunkrock]
??? (might be Digital Nation/Bad Company) [music house acetate]
Calyx- Diablo [moving shadow]
Fellowship- Mutha Funker http://couture

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