John Barera returned with his sophomore release on Zakim at the very beginning of 2015. Adhering to his ideals of collaboration and experimentation, Barera further expanded his spheres of inflence on this release by incorporating Alton M, Walter Jones, Jesse Allen, Jide Minx and Bob Diesel alongside return guests Ali Berger and Baltimoroder.

Many of these guests were showcased specifically in the title track, which was a live jam session recorded in one take with no additional mixing or arranging afterwards.

The other tracks explored acid, house, techno and even classic electro breaks, staying true to the timeless sounds Barera always injects into his work.

FUN FACT: This was the first Zakim vinyl release that was pressed with proper label artwork; the early releases were simply stamps.

A1: John Barera & Alton M: Gathering
A2: John Barera & Ali Berger: Stepping Out
AA1: John Barera & Baltimoroder: Loan Shark
AA2: John Barera & Walter Jones: Sheffield Scene (feat. Bob Diesel, Jesse Allen, Jide Minx & Wheezey)

You can buy a copy of Sheffield Scene on Bandcamp or stream on Soundcloud below.

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