I’m not really sure what I was thinking putting a picture of myself smiling on the front cover of a mix, especially a drum and bass one. I guess it’s long enough ago where I can just sort of ¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯ at it LMAO

The mix is alright but definitely not one of my best. Looking back I think it gets dark and aggressive way too quickly and I brickwall limited the hell out of it…because of course I thought I knew everything about mastering back then!

Subwave: I Need You
Stranjah: Changed
Sub Focus: Deep Space
Spectrasoul: 4 Points
Dream Team: The V.I.P.
Cool Hand Flex: Must Feel (Serum remix)
Tom & Jerry: Maximum Style (Crystal Clear remix)
Taxman: Sleaze
Clipz: Push it Up (TC Remix)
Heist: Spiders Ville
Bassface Sascha: International Sound
Jakes: Haters
Stakka: Griffin
Serum: Gunshots
Nolige: Riders Groove
Kemal & Tech Itch: The Calling
Tetradin: Amgod
Drum Crew (Fresh, Ed Rush, Optical & Maldini): Thin Air
Mason & D-Star: Roots
D-Kay & DJ Lee: Wax’d 2007
Sonic & Silver: Hard Times
Capone: Going In
Lenzman & Jo-S: Emralds
Spy: Sunship
Fresh: Heavyweights
Matt U & SKC: Monolith
Deadmau5 & Kascade: I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman remix)
Nu-Tone: Beliefs
Doc Scott: NHS (Total Science Remix)
Equinox: Don’t Wanna Lose You
Total Science & Conrad: Soul Patrol
Beta 2 & Lariman: Fool in Your Eyes
Mouly: Hanging Out the Back

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