I’m not really sure why I had this thing for photoshopping my face onto the artwork of all my mixes back in 2009, but hey those were different times and I was much younger and…WAIT FOR IT…minimal minded. (womp womp)

The title really does describe it accurately though…it’s pretty much a minimal house and techno mix. This was the first time I was looking more towards the Beatport charts than crates in record stores for cues on what to play, which took a bit of getting used to. I ultimately never ended up fully acquiring a taste for minimal house or techno, but it was worth a shot. At least the Laurent Garnier track defies time and fads.

Phonic.Lab: Tic Tac
Rick Pier O’Neil: Leave A Drama (Moonbeam Remix)
Lauhaus: Neue Welle
IHEIZ: He Is Hot / She Is Hot
Dale Howard: Shuffle
2001: Burning (D’Julz Remix)
Neuroxyde: Jazzy Stuff
Seismal D: Not Human
Wolfgang Gartner: Latin Fever
Tim Green: Kitch In
Grumbox: Tombak
Bisko: Business Track
Slam: Hot Knives
Distaff: Bochinche
DJ T: Shine On
The Fat DB: Nibble
Ambivalent: 808 Claps
Laurent Garnier: The Man With The Red Face

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