“Power Hour” was a pretty fun multi-genre mix I recorded around the time when multi-genre mixes were FINALLY, like, an acceptable thing to do. Imagine that…you weren’t required to only play one sub-genre anymore!

Back in those days I was just getting started as a music blogger and quickly realized I had to keep tabs on the latest sounds in order to stay relevant. This mix showcases a number of them, particularly baltimore club, fidget, dubstep, electro, and some UK garage, even though it was a bit dated at the time. Either way a lot of territory was covered here.

Power Hour was one of those games I used to play in college where you’d take a shot of beer every minute for an hour. I was terrible at it back then. I think now in my mid 30’s I’d be waaaay better, now that I’m old and wise, or something. Heh.

Laidback Luke & Sebastian Ingrosso: 555
Rod Lee: Let Me See What U Workin’ With (acapella)
Mescal Kid: Magic
Rod Lee: Let The Horns Go
Johnny Blaze: Wham Bam
Dave Nada: Kick Out the Jams
DJ Sega: Colours
Al Ripken Jr.: Space Club
Aaron Lacarte & Young MC: Know How (Gutter mix)
Hot Pink Delorean & Fantastadon: Party Favour
B.Rich: Can’t Take What I Got
Jack Beats & Dynamite MC: What (Boy 8-bit rmx)
Bird Peterson: Throw Me Uptown
Dem Slackers: The Joker
Ping & Baz: Busted Loop
Tori Amos: Professional Widow (Armand’s JDF dub)
Fukkk Off: Rave Is King (Zodiac Cartel rmx)
Sporty-O: Guestlist (Rico Tubbs remix)
Krames: Work This Pussy
Bird Peterson: Zutopong
Jakes: Rock The Bells
David Rodigan ft. Breakage: Together
Ramsey & Fen: Desire
$ki: Paradise in London
Nightcrawlers: Push the Feeling On (Qualifide remix)
Qualifide: Badman
Duncan Powell: Pushing (radio edit)
Goldenchild: Twisted
Zomby: Where Were You in ‘92?
2 Bad Mice: Bombscare

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