I did this mix for Gaurav Mehta, a DJ and tech guru from Salem who at the time was running a podcast series on his site. Was a pretty straightforward mix showcasing some of the tech house I was feeling at the time. Fun fact about this mix: I had a burned copy of it playing in my car to soundcheck it beofore it was released, and the CD player broke in such a way I was never able to eject it. So fast forward to 2017…THE CD IS STILL IN MY CAR PLAYER. So when my iPhone battery dies when on long car commutes, the Trippy Soundscapes mix it is!!

aki bergen- history of soul
dirt crew- deep cover (roberto rodriguez remix)
brainows- ray okpara (lahaus & boris werner remix)
dominic martin- mistreated
dale howard- 4 hour bang
kasper bjorke- alcatraz (jimpster dub)
bas amro- took you for granted
kevin griffiths- oh yeah (julien chaptal mix)
dave robertson & jon gurd- never do that
tim green- lone tone
noze- you have to dance (mathias kaden remix)
green & falkner- satisfaction 4.25
harry axt- bastardo
v-sexion- oh moin (phunklarique remix)
tube & berger- funky shit (gui boratto remix)
alex celler- la palma
flori & ethyl- tanqueray

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