MADE IN BOSTON: Joe-Thinkin’ About You (GMGN & Dusty Digital Remix)


British producer JOE is a master at building ridiculously catchy numbers with minimal elements. So far he’s gotten away using basically just a clap on “Clap Trap”, a piercing shriek on “Slope” and of course Bobby McFerrin’s vocals (of all people in the world) on “Thinking About You”. The latter a big anthem in 2015, local hot-shots GMGN and Dusty Digital have taken a crack at the remix treatment in preparation for their next Grassfed Disco party.

Instead of taking JOE’s stripped down approach, GMGN and Dusty Digital plant a forest of instruments around McFerrin’s vocals and dial the slow tempo of the original up to party speed. The piano is definitely the standout here. Download it below and check the link to the party on 2/3, which will be showcasing Camino 84 and Bobby Digi!

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