FEATURED: Discwoman & Allergy Season Release 40-Track Fundraising Compilation


Here’s an awesome 40 (yes, FORTY) track underground house and techno compilation that just dropped today featuring the likes of Zakim’s own John Barera, as well as familiar faces such as Isabella, Max McFerren, Octo Octa, Umfang, Bookworms and many others. It leans towards the less formulaic and off-the-grid style of techno, many of which are emotion-driven given our country’s turbulent political climate right now. It’s worth picking up, and with a suggested donation of $10 you can help support the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and other important foundations.

Grab it on Bandcamp todayGrab it on Bandcamp today. Salute to Discwoman and Allergy Season for putting this one together.

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