Recorded on a hot-as-fuck day sometime deep within the summer of 2015. This one is entirely drum and bass, ranging across a wide variety of different styles (rollers, neurofunk, juke, halftime stuff, etc). Pretty similar to most of the drum and bass mixes I’ve recorded over the past decade. Mostly 2014-15 with some 90s bits at the end.

Bad Graphics: Late
Broken Drum: Falling in Love
Enea: Dawn
Carter: Sweetest Thing
Rowpieces: What You Need You
Dave Owen & TRAC: The Party’s Arrived
Phase 2: TGIF
MSDOS: Funk by Funk
Decon: Tribal Drums
Ed:it: Collecting Dust
Survey: As You Want
Halogenix: Shank
Ivy Lab: Gomeisa
Nickbee: Iridium
Visual & Freemind Studios: Blacksmith
Thesys: Press Start
Mob Tactics: Zodiac
Noisia & Phace: Purpose
Optiv & BTK: Dark Ryder
Saxxon: Visitors
Filthy Habits & Jeopardize: Killer (Jayline Remix)
DJ Hazard: Bricks Don’t Roll
Mercedes: Full Tilt (Ulterior Motive Tear Up Mix)
Redeyes: Man Down
Stray: VIP Zoom
Rewind: Circles Vox
Fuj: Best Before
Thing: Me Get Nuff Gal
Ville & McLeod: Putting Down Roots
Level 2: Retreats
Paul SG, Lameduza & TRAC: Let Me Show You
Unknown: H.E.W.
DJ Hype: And Remember Folks
Krust: Touch
D-Bridge: Let That Shit Ride

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