This was the first of the Hometown series mixes I recorded, in late 2014. Included primarily Boston-based artists, along with a couple unreleased things Stranjah (friend of mine from Toronto) sent me.

Anja Schneider: Dubmission (Smeed & Suspence Remix)
Sheffield Boys: The Best Coast
Colin Domigan: Free Beer
JLO: Waiting For Tonight (Twism & B3RAO 2014 Remix)
John Barera & Anton M: Gathering
Techncn: Traipse
Ali Berger: Gallery (Midnight Mix)
Soul Clap & Robert Owens: Misty
John Barera & Will Martin: It’s Alright
John Barera & Will Martin: Moonlight
DRJ (Doctor Jeep): Luv 4 Me
Twism & B3RAO: Everyman
Ali Berger: Kick It
JSTJR: Killa Bass
Moduloktopus: Headdie Murphy
Skeeza: Don’t Cha
Lightfoot: Blown Out
Durkin: Feel It
Nick Garcia: vMotional
Cirrus: No Matter
Graphs: Schemata
Graphs & Tone Ra: Chopper
Undrig: Backslider (R.A.W. Remix)
EHT: Amethyst
Stranjah: Demonology
Vax: Vulpineal (Undrig Remix)
Abiliphy: Drift
Noya: It’s All a Hologram

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