All-juke mix I recorded at the tail end of 2013. Gets down to business almost immediately and balances itself between ghettotech, standard juke, footwork and juke-oriented drum and bass.

Irrelevant: Little Figurines (Undroid Bootleg)
DJ Wi-Fi: Menace 2 Society
Ill Blu: Clapper (Traxman Remix)
Gantman: Jukulator
Gantman: Get it Perculated
Justice: Let There Be More Light (DJ Funk Remix)
Wheez-ie: Holup
DJ Deeon: Headhunters
DJ Clent: Horror on Sangamon Street
Bobby Skillz: Twerk Pop Bang Juke
Jana Rush: Overdose
Avery76: Faze
Fresh Moon: Let’s Get It
Jana Rush: Slippin’ (Erotica Mix)
DJ Remi: Get Down on tha Ground
Boylan: Mystery
DJ Rashad: 911
DJ Rashad: CCP
DJ Phil: House Monster (DJ Manny Remix)
DJ Earl: That’s the Way
Dred Collective: Machine Girl
DJ Phil: Pure Luv
Jack the Hustler: Would I (HxdB Remix)
Traxman: Electric Funk
Nickotine: Crack
Peshay: Psychosis (FootMerc Bootsie)
Paisley Parks: Go
Leatherface: Jigglin
Wash: Brooklyn Ride
Om Unit: Red Curtain
Stray: Akina
Rockwell: Detroit
Stray: Dropping Bombs
Kragen: Rastaman Said Ghettobass
Digital & Spirit: Original Rockers
Halogenix: Each His Own
Axon: Fit Girls With Average Names
Fracture & Neptune: Clissold (Machinedrum VIP)
Clicks & Whistles: WTF
Machinedrum: Vizion


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