An early jungle/breakbeat hardcore mix. Mostly early-to-mid 90s stuff here. Apologies for the background hum, something wasn’t grounded at the time I recorded it. It’s mostly noticeable towards the end. This was the last mix I recorded using my “Nickdawg” moniker.

Manix: I Can’t Stand It
Noise Factory: Wanna Feel the Music
Younghead: Bad Bad Man
DJ Edge: Compnded
Chemical: Sub Sector
DJ SS: My Style of Producing
DJ Trace & Ed Rush: Don Bad Man
Nookie: T Three
Tango: Time Bomb
Prodigy: Everybody in the Place (155 & Rising)
Kev Bird: Kano
Ellis Dee & Tera: Brock Out
Run Tings: Look No Further
D’Cruze: Want You Now (DJ SS & EQ Remix)
D Force: Ruff!!!
Noise Factory: 123 O’Clock Rock
Noise Factory: Breakage #5
Andy C: Bass Constructors
Mental Power: Cool N Sexy
Foul Play: Finest Illusion
Rufige Kru: Terminator

Written by nickdawg2000

Everyday hustler.

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