Live recording of a gig I played at Elements back in April 2012. At the time I added some extra ambient sounds panned wide in the stereo spectrum which probably wasn’t necessary, but it doesn’t ruin the mood either. Just another classic night at the Phoenix Landing.

gridlok: get away (2005)
<< total science: jungle jungle (2001)
<< adam f: brand new funk (1998)
mob tactics: stick up kid (prolix remix) (2012)
artificial intelligence & drs: pigeon hole (remix) (2012)
fresh: gatekeeper (2010)
dj nut nut: special dedication (sigma remix) (2011)
david boomah & serum: why they wanna (2012)
dramatic & dbaudio: strike it down (2012)
c4c: bermuda (2003)
maztek & optiv: quarks (2012)
data: fragment (2012)
moving fusion: mystery stranger (2012)
<< blackstreet: no diggity (acapella) (1996)
bodyrox: bow bow bow (break remix) (2012)
borderline: out of sight (2012)
<< dub phizix: marca (2011)
rymetyme & jade: venom (2010)
noisia: diplodocus (kill the noise remix) (2012)
billain: batbots (2012)
metrik: departure (2010)
masai: one (2011)
total science: nosher (baron remix) (2003)
break & silent witness: we know (2006)
teebee & noisia: shower for an hour (2006)
rregula: zonk (2012)
greg packer & rhodes: love and live (2012)
capone: friday (1995)
prolix: visualize (2011)
<< shimon & andy c: nightflight (1996)
subfocus: druggy (2007)
culture shock: protection (2011)
flaco: isla verde (2011)
bladerunner: feel for you (2011)
sigma & angie brown: do you love (2011)
lil louis: french kiss (ed rush & optical remix) (2001)
<< lil louis: french kiss (original) (1989)
<< shadow child: string thing (2012)
syncopix: travelling man (2005)
paul t & edward oberon: love is (2012)
justice: aquisse (chris inperspective remix) (2010)
soho: hot music (1988)
dave assembler outro

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