“From Every Angle” basically set in stone the way I would record every drum and bass mix moving foward. Open with minimal stuff, build into rollers, build further into neuro, get through the jump-up as quickly as possible then end with lots of amens and emotional shit. Hey whatever works right??

I think this was the first drum and bass mix that I was truly happy with, both as far as the track selection as well as the cover art.

Joe Syntax: Slingshot
Mutt: When I
Eveson: Marley
Sinistarr: Triple Beam
Seba: Keep Me Waiting
Subwave: Road Rage
Noisia & Alix Perez: Underprint
Logistics: West Country
Siren: Gumball Rally
Hamilton: Come Again
Rregula & Dementia: With The Animals
Crystal Clear: Futura
Original Sin & Taxman: Casino
Mutated Forms: Ready When You Are
Crystal Clear & Zen: Gang Related
Heist: Concentration
Heist: Go To Work
Serum: Snuff Box
DJ Pleasure: Killing Curse
Savage Rehab: Viagra
Random Movement: Fessing Up About Nothing
Level 2: Going Back (Acuna Remix)
Serum & Bladerunner: Just A Beat
Jaydan: She Gives Me Love
Loadstar: Link To The Past
Crissy Criss & Youngman: Turn It Up
Artificial Intelligence: Let It Be
>> Ed Rush & Optical: Watermelon
A-Sides & Fats: Rebel Rouser
Undercover Agent: Oh Gosh! (Remix)
Total Science: Tight Fit
>> Bngmn: A Jazzy Thing
Despot: Concert

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