While I struggle listening back to most of my old drum and bass mixes nowadays, this one I can still take in large doses. The selection is much more refined and the mixing more relaxed than in many of my others. I was also going through that phase of realizing how difficult it was in New England to promote yourself as DJ, especially as a young transplant from upstate NY. So as a gimmick to get attention I made hand-crafted sleeves to put the CD in with hand numbering (ie:”1/25 limited edition!!”) to stand out. Needless to say, that never worked…go figure.

Drifter- Leola
St.Cal- Losing Ground
Commix- Go Between
>> D-Bridge- Loves Ugly Child
Ray Keith- Hot Girls
Psidream & Mechwarrior- Last Walk
Soul Coughing- Rolling (Grooverider rmx)
Break- X Track
Gravity- Satta
D-Bridge- Portrait
Calibre- Makes me Wonder
A Sides- See it All
Diode- Spoken Word
Digital- 3 Point
Alias- Admit to Love
Denizen- Crossfire
Beta 2- E.T.A.
Lemon D- Burning 2000
Alpha Omega- Lost Souls VIP
Total Science- Borderline 2000
D-Bridge- Pipe Dreams
Basic Operations- Era of Reason
>> Marcas- Dinky Dub
KOTP- Redemption
Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance- Secada
Alpha Omega- Don’t Need You

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