The good ol’ days. First half of this is super dark, second half more melodic and upbeat. I still wasn’t all that great at track selection back then but it’s still somewhat cohesive.

Best memory is placing a stack of these CD’s on the counter at Newbury Comics and watching a mother walk out the shop with her two sons under the age of 10, each holding a copy. I never saw them at parties around town afterwards, so I don’t think I ended up converting them. Heh

)EIB(: rush hour (sonic & silver rmx)
teebee & calyx: follow the leader
break & hydro: troubled soul
skc & safair: gonzo
raiden: clone
break: the compass
raiden: carpet bommin’
equinox: love thy brother
paul b & subwave: break through
>> j kwon: tipsy acapella
stranjah: red desert
kanye west: jesus walks
black moon: reality (instrumental)
>> dillinja: forsaken dreams
hype: the big 30
die: play it for me
juju: sahara run red light
>> beastie boys: sure shot acapella
breakage: stoneheart
die: clear skyz
noisia: vanishing point
mathematics: rub-a-dub
calibre & singing fats: drop it down
d-bridge & vegas: true romance
pacific: auto funk
vector burn: oh boy
cyantific: little green men
hyper-on experience: lord of the null lines (total science rmx)
decoder: dead calm
total science: three sugars
drumsound & simon bassline smith: the odyssey
skeptic: tear

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