FEATURED: John Barera & Will Martin “History of Space” EP Release


Zakim alum John Barera dropped a new vinyl release in conjunction with longtime collaborator Will Martin on NYC label Basement Floor. Barera and Martin have always had good chemistry in the studio together; with a few years of working together under their belts these joint projects seem nearly effortless to an outsider.

While Barera’s signature style encompasses sporadic instrumental solos to give his work a “live” feel, the four tracks on this “History of Space” release focus more on rhythm and groove. More the dancefloor than the headphones if you will. The strength of the title track and “Share Love” are the tribal drums; the latter adds nicely-programmed strings and electric piano motifs. My favorite of the lot is “Keep On”; this one dials down the tempo dramatically, leaving more space for a weightier kick and hearty vocal chops.

Grab this business right now on Halycon The Shop, stream below, or peep the tunes on the big system at Le Bain in NYC next Friday for the release party.

Also: This may or may not be the only Barera vinyl release dropping this month. Whether or not that’s true, you can follow him on Soundcloud. Oh yeah and Will too of course.

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