MADE IN BOSTON #tbt: M.O.O.N.-Particles EP (2012)


Today we take it back to 2012, where we see former Bostonian M.O.O.N. putting in some serious work on his “Particles” EP. While at the time he was developing as an artist and building his Rolodex, the synth chops are undeniable even back then. From the endlessly evolving layers of leads on “Dust” to “Plus Four”’s omniscient acid motif and of course the pop-driven hook of “Warehouse”, this EP proved promoters were in good hands booking M.O.O.N.

This EP is still available as a freebie on Bandcamp; don’t forget to check some of his more recent edits of the likes of Weather Report and Danyel Gerard on his Soundcloud as well!

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