Compilation of my favorite tracks from Boston-based producers that were either produced or released in 2015. Released December 2015.

Jay Prouty & David Paglia: Style (Cenote)
Nick Minieri: Far Cry (Unreleased)
John Barera & Baltimoroder: The Cycle of Life (Forthcoming Zakim)
Caserta: Dynamics (Razor-N-Tape)
BOSQ: Make it Work (Soul Clap Records)
Juice Belushi: Waiting For A Party (Soul Clap Records)
Peter Corvaia: Directional Talk (Unreleased)
Beta Ghosts: Amana (Cenote)
Will Monotone & Anek: Origins (Get Physical)
GMGN: Never Stop (Remix) (Crew Love)
ø˚(alt-ok): Leave Me Alone (Forthcoming Zakim)
Camino: Eyebrows on Fleek (Self-release)
TWISM & B3RAO: Dancin’ With You (Soulful Legends)
Colin Domigan: Boston Fire (Dubco)
Nick Minieri: Hover (Unreleased)
Adam Noya: Veritas (Unreleased)
Odd Job & Bamboora: Nightwork (Brooklyn Fire)
Dumka: New Joy (Lifted Goldmine Series)
Omdose: Nadati (Self-release)
Durkin: My Party (Not My House) (Slow Roast)
BRRIO x Robokid: 4K (Lifted Goldmine Series)
ABSRDST: Love in the Making (OWSLA)
Micetro x Casual Magic: Love in Color (Self-release)
SCRVP x Apato: Cadenza (Self-release)
Cirrus: I Dunno (Zakim)
Graphs: About U (Forthcoming Diffrent)
Saltus: Eclipse (Self-release)

Written by nickdawg2000

Everyday hustler.

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