Race Against Time was pretty fun in the sense that, it was basically one long 80-minute build to the track “Prominence” by Stranjah LMAO. But for real, it’s pretty well-rounded and starts off with some super ambient, glitchy sounds and also features that track by Fracture which was the first juke-influenced dnb track I ever heard. Every track in this mix was released in 2012.

Nether: Sunshower
ASC: Landlocked
_==_: _^^^=
Sabre & Riya: Injustice
Flowrian: Thank You
Dave Owen: Loose Lips
Flaco: Got To Have
Intelligent Manners: Take No More
Command Strange: If U Wanna Make A Love
Marvel Cinema: Stride View
>> Calibre: Plugs
Nue: Molten Blue (Dabs Remix)
DJ Chap: Don’t Wait For Me
>> Raw Q: Sweet Pea
Soul Intent: Nod To The Past
Optiv: Quarks
>> Optiv & BTK: Feelings
Misanthrop & Phace: Progression
Mefjus & M-Force: Abandon
Optiv: Krakpot (Billian Remix)
Rockwell: Constantcomplexrhythmicsound
Upbeats: Tor
L33: Ironic
TC: Do You Rock?
>> Fracture & Dawn Day Night: Get Busy
Maldini: Party Time
Placid: Invasion
Heist: Creatures
Heist: Go To Work (P45 Remix)
Savage Rehab: Desire
Dr. Meaker: Fighter (Unreal Remix)
Widkaman & Sudden Def: Destruct
Frankee: Firethorn
Tim Cant: ’93 Style
Ray Keith: Deeper Love
DJ Spice: Minimal
Danny Byrd & General Levy: Blaze The Fire (Stray Remix)
Stranjah: Prominence
Stray: Follow You Around

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