Another one of those mixes I recorded that I never really did anything with that faded into the obscure depths of my backup external hard drive. It’s jump up drum and bass, which some people will like and others won’t. A bit of a polarizing topic of discussion but back in 2007-08 I used to love the stuff. I’ve literally got 2 crates of this stuff on vinyl I couldn’t even give away ten years later. It’s all good tho…I still secretly like it in small doses.

the interrogator: awareness
shimah: magnetosphere
rebel mc: police in helicopter (ray keith remix)
dj ben: like
terravita: subliminal square dance
soundclash: lockdown
taxman: original ninja
callide: pure dubplate
dope ammo: roots & future (nicol & majistrate remix)
drumsound & simon bassline smith: aquarius
strider: feel no way
noisia: diplodocus
imp & jfm: catch
xample: infamous
heist: ambush
zen: hovercraft
capone: your mind
zinc: steppin stones (zinc & friction remix)
sigma: body baby
the statesmen: 19 drops
total science: gravy girls
just jungle: sky

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