ZAK-007: Ø˚(Alt – OK)-ABOUT:BLANK EP (MAY 2016)


Little two-tracker I put out in mid-2016 by Alt OK. A local producer whose work I followed since a strong appearance on the Together 2015 compilation, I was glad I was able to put out two cuts by him before moving to the left coast.

“Leave Me Alone” leans towards the future house side of the spectrum and sports Alt OK’s signature round-robin style arrangements, which have more detail and complexity than most. “Powers That Be” is a little more on the two-step garage tip and is a fun one to drop in 130 BPM sets.

FUN FACT: “Leave Me Alone” probably went through 3 or 4 rounds of revisions before finalizing. During each iteration Alt OK wasn’t afraid to completely re-tweak things from the ground up, leading to a song that could’ve perpetually morphed and evolved if it wanted to.

We did this on a 7-inch which is available for a very reasonable price on Bandcamp. You can also stream below on Soundcloud.

A: Ø˚(Alt – OK): Leave Me Alone
AA: Ø˚(Alt – OK): Powers That Be

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